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 I have been fortunate to live the life that I have, traveling the world, writing stories and photographing my experiences. With a background in magazine publishing, action sports photography, manager/publicist, mechanic/wrench and racer I have had an incredible platform to do and go where I wanted, when I wanted. After getting married and becoming a father I voluntarily gave all of that up to raise my son. Currently I am the Sales Manager for The Davis Groupe, LLC a Tier One vendor to the automotive industry. I truly enjoy the team and customers that I work with on a daily basis. Now that my son has successfully reached the age where I no longer need to guide him, I can gradually return to my roots. 

I have been around racing (NASCAR specifically) my entire life. My personal racing career started and ended quickly. I started racing motocross at a later than normal age. After several major injuries I turned to wrenching/mechanic. I wrenched on the AMA Pro Supercross and National tour and even did several NMA Ponca City and AMA Amateur Nationals at Loretta Lynne’s. Somewhere along my life’s journey I started shooting action photos. I would say that I have hundreds of thousands of photos on film. Motocross, watercraft, NASCAR, INDY, NHRA, and golf were all my favorites. I have provided photos for manufacturers such as Yamaha, Kawasaki, Bombardier and supplied photography for manufacturers displays, magazines, magazine covers, posters, handouts, calendars and even billboards. Some of the publications that I have been published in include Splash Magazine, PWI Magazine, Watercraft Illustrated, Cycle News, Circle Track, Max Speed Magazine, Golf Magazine, Golf for Women Magazine and People Magazine. 

Along the way I have had the privilege to work and advise top caliber racers/athletes with sponsorship, promotional media, and personal management needs. I look forward to jumping back into these types of opportunities to build relationships and trust with a new generation of racers and athletes to assist in providing content for media as well as fan and sponsor needs. 20 years is a long time to be completely away from racing and my passion photography. It is a new digital age and I have faced the challenges of learning the nuances of digital media and adapting to digital photography. I look forward to the challenges the new digital age brings and stepping back into an arena that I've missed.

I've really enjoyed getting back out and shooting photos, being around racing and especially meeting the new generation of personalities, fans and media. I really didn't know how much I missed it until I stepped back in to it. 

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